10/01/2014 to 10/03/2014

The Metal Construction Association has been the proud sponsor of METALCON for 24 years and we are always impressed with the growth and the excellent programming available every year.

MCA is pleased to announce the 1st Annual MCA Metal Roofing Championship Games! The Championship Games will take place in the MCA Demo area on Wednesday and Thursday, October 1 and 2.





GAME 1 - The Triangle “Screw Gun”  Challenge
Sponsor: Triangle Fastener Corp. 
Start time: 1:30 PM 
End time:  2:05 PM

Each contestant will install 24 self-drilling screws spaced at 4-inches apart into one 8’-0” long 16-gauge steel purlin that will be mounted on an 8’-0” x 8’-0” demonstration mockup frame.  The spacing for the screws will require each contestant to place a mark along and in the center of one purlin flange only (1st purlin up from low eave). Screws must be properly fastened into the steel purlin. If a contestant burns any screw tip/point, they are allowed to install another screw. Any broken screw head will disqualify a contestant.

Winner will be selected by either “Best Time”, timed separately. Properly installed screws, count as 1 point in the event of a tie. Winner will receive $100 cash and a cordless tool.


GAME 2 - D.I. Roof Seamers “90-Degree”  Challenge
Sponsored by  D. I. Roof Seamers and New Tech Machinery

Start time: 2:15 PM
End time:  3:00 PM


Each team will seam 6 each (5 interior ribs for a total of 40 lineal feet) of pre-installed New Tech Machinery standing seam panels on two mockup frames. Panels must be hand crimped at each clip location (15 locations) prior to beginning to seam ribs. 

Winning team will be selected by either “Best Time” or lineal footage of seamed ribs inallowed time. Each team will be timed separately and judged for proper crimping and seaming in the event of a tie. Each Winning team member will receive $100 cash.

Game 3 - S-5 ’s  “Let  the  Sun  Shine,  Down  on  Me”  Challenge
Sponsored by  S-5!

Start time: 3:10 PM
End time:  4:05 PM

Each contestant will install 2 rows of properly aligned and positioned S-5 PV clamps onto the metal roof panels seamed in Game 2.  A total of ten (10) clamps to be installed (2 rows on 5 panel ribs) for a total of 10 points possible. 

Winner will be selected by either “Best Time” and the proper installation and alignmentof the PV clamps.  Any mis-alignment or over driven fasteners will take a point away from the possible 10 points total. Each Winning Team member will receive $100 cash. 


Game 4 - JJ’s  “Give it a Boot”  Challenge
Sponsored by  Triangle Fastener Corp.
Start time: 4:15 PM
End time:  5:00 PM

Each contestant will install one rubber roof jack with necessary sealant and fasteners into the metal roof panels seamed in Game 2. Metal Roof will not have a hole cut into it but will be marked with an “X”.

Winner will be selected by “Best Time” and proper installation of their roof jack in allowed time. Each contestant will be timed separately and judged for properly installed roof jack in the event of a tie. Winner will receive $100 cash



Other major highlights for 2014 include:


•    The METALCON conference program focuses on developing business opportunities. Scheduled sessions include experts discussing improved selling techniques, succession planning and workforce development.
•    Keynote speaker Steven S. Little will present on long-term business growth and future opportunities. Don’t miss this session on Wednesday, October 1 from 10:15 to 11:45 am. 

•    Learning Zones mini-theaters on the show floor will offer 15-minute instruction sessions on roofing details, field techniques, and product applications.

•    Solar Bay, where solar technology meets metal roofing and wall systems, offers both displays and expert speakers throughout the event
•    Connect, develop contacts and mingle with thousands of contractors, architects, engineers, building owners and metal product exhibitors, on and off the show floor
•    More than 300 exhibitors will display new innovations, sustainable, eco-friendly, energy efficient, solar, retrofit, and green technology products. Exhibitors and presenters will be happy to answer any questions you have.


NEED MORE INFORMATION? Learn more here >



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