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The results are in! The 1st Annual MCA Metal Roofing Championship Games were a success! Watch The Video >


 Challenge in Action Winners Pic

Wednesday, Oct. 1
"Screw Gun" Challenge:  Winner was Virgil Wagler with Wagler Construction in Leon, IA.  Winning time was 3:01.  Opponent was Len Howell.

"90 Degree" Challenge:  Winning team was William and Rob Harris of ProSteel in Belen, NM.  Winning time was 1:48.  Opposing team was Perry Friesen of Pineridge Construction in Brendenbury, Canada and Vince Monti of Craft Corp. in Wheat Ridge, CO. 


"Let it Snow" Challenge:  Winning team was Tanner Garfield of SW Building Solutions in Peoria, AZ and Peter Goertzen of JTR Metals in Cuahkmac, Mexico.  Winning time was 15:44.  Opposing team was Kelly Lanz and Scott Byars of All the Best, Inc. of Calgary, Canada.


J.J.'s "Give it a Boot" Challenge:  Both contestants tied!  Winners were Tomas Maes and Enrique Rocha both of Midtown Metals in Albuquerque, NM


 90 Degree Challenge Pic  Crowd Pic


Thursday, Oct. 2
"Screw Gun" Challenge:  Winner was TJ Wagler of Wagler Construction of Leon, IA.  Winning time was 2:37.  Opponent was Kevin Grassel of SW Building Solutions in Peoria, AZ


"90 Degree" Challenge:  Winning team was Justin Novotny of JEMSU in Denver, CO and Paul Baker of Scheffers, Inc. in Grain Valley, MO.  Winning time was 1:23.  Opposing team was Christian Annaboli of J Wales Enterprises in Fort Worth, TX and Jon Boknecht of JEMSU in Denver, CO.


"Let it Snow" Challenge:  Winning team was Kelly Lanz of All the Best in Calgary, Canada and Mario Lallier of Metals Plus, Inc. in Winstead, CT.  Winning time was 5:53.  Opposing team was Mark Packo and Arnulfo Lozano, both of Roof Check in Longmont, CO


J.J.'s "Give it a Boot" Challenge:  Winner was Phillip Graber of Richmond Metal Supply in Richmond, MO.  Winning time was 1:20.  His brother Matt Graber was his opponent at 1:31.


 Busy Trade Show Floor 

Other major highlights from Denver:

•    The METALCON conference program focused on developing business opportunities and sessions included experts who addressed improved selling techniques, succession planning and workforce development.
•    Keynote speaker Steven S. Little presented on long-term business growth and future opportunities.

•    Learning Zones mini-theaters on the show floor offered15-minute instruction sessions on roofing details, field techniques, and product applications.

•    Solar Bay offered both displays and expert speakers directly on the show floor to showcase where solar technology meets metal roofing and wall systems
•    More than 300 exhibitors displayed new innovations, sustainable, eco-friendly, energy efficient, solar, retrofit, and green technology products.


The Metal Construction Association has been the proud sponsor of METALCON for 24 years and we are always impressed with the growth and the excellent programming available every year.


We look forward to celebrating METALCON's 25th Anniversary at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida October 14-16, 2015!

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