2018 Winter Meeting Agendas

2018 Winter Meeting Agendas

Accessories Council


Further discussion on:

  • Lightning Retention
  • Snow Retention
  • Good-Better-Best Sealants
  • Clip White Paper

Program Committee


  • Survey feedback from 2017 MCA meetings
  • Discuss program options to attract new members and additional people from existing member companies
  • Location ideas for future meetings


METALCON Liaison Committee


  • Review of METALCON 2017 - Las Vegas
  • Preview for METALCON 2018 - Charlotte
  • Show Events (Metal Roofing Championship Games, MCA Triumph Awards, Education Tracks)
  • How to "dangle your carrot" at METALCON


Retrofit Council


  • Review the Design Manual and set a schedule for completion, plus assign responsibilities
  • Discuss postings to the MCA webpage for Retrofit, and encourage members to add project profiles
  • Council Leadership Announcements


Market Development/Statistics Committees


  • 2017 Year in Review 
    • Your dollars at work:
      • Web Campaigns 
        • Mini Campaigns
        • MCA Website
      • Digital Advertising 
        • Re-Targeting
      • Design Community Focus 
        • Webinars 
        • AIA shows 
          • Feedback
  • 2018 Market Development Budget Review 
  • Revisit Market Development Think Tank
    • Define and Develop our Strategy 
  • Statistics: Where we are today, where we are going and what do our members need.
    • Review current FMI reports
    • New Statistical Report format and idea


Codes/Standards Committee


  • Discussion of 2018 IBC Code Change Proposals
  • Update on NFPA status on Committee changes to NFPA 285 (Back to the Joints)


Wall Panel Council


  • Perforation Design Presentation
  • How can MCA move ahead and help on Perforation


IMP Council


  • Responses to IMP Selection Guide
  • Responses to IMP Visual Acceptance Guide
  • IMP White Papers Under Development


MFEC/Roll-Forming Council


  • Update progress on the portable Roll Formers Guide


MCM Council


  • What’s happening in the IBC with MCM
  • New Challenges/Opportunities for MCM Manufacturers and Fabricators


Roofing Council


  • Update of research on Discontinuous Metal Roofing
  • Discuss plan for Edge metal standard development
  • Conclusion of Roof Savings Calculator
  • Rain water runoff research


Technical Committee


  • Modification of Product Category Rules
  • Discuss Refreshing of LCA and EPDs
  • LEED4.1

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