Retrofit your bulding with Metal Wall Panels to update the look, and longevity. 


Retrofit Metal Walls

What Are Retrofit Metal Walls?


Whether you're doing a small retrofit project or a complete renovation, MCA members manufacture solutions to meet your particular needs.


We also know that metal retrofit systems may carry a higher initial cost, but when the total life-cycle cost is considered, retrofitting is the lowest cost alternative. Our members years of experience in retrofitting, proven with millions of square feet of successfully completed retrofit projects throughout the United States and beyond.


MCA's members can assist you with developing a preliminary budget, estimating, engineering, as well as providing a complete set of shop drawings for your retrofit project.

Benefits of Retrofit Metal Walls

Retrofit Walls Have Many Benefits:

Retrofit metal walls offer many benefits such as durability and aesthetics, and the lightweight means little or no alteration to existing structural elements. Metal wall panels use high-performance coating systems with long-lasting fade-gloss retention, and come in a wide range of substrates, colors, and textures. Choose from among preformed metal, insulated metal panels, composite materials, or solar thermal walls to allow for maximum solar heat recovery.

Where Are Retrofit Metal Walls Used?

Buildings Are Going Retrofit All Over The World:.

Retrofit Wall Panels are used in many projects, both commercial and residential. Industrial buildings, commercial buildings, restaurants, churches, and so much more.




Retrofit Metal Walls offer many benefits such as durability, aesthetics and cost.


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