Sustainable - Green Building Materials

Metal is one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable building materials available. Today’s metal construction products:


  • Contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points
  • Contain 25%–95% recycled materials
  • Are virtually 100% recyclable


Did you know?


  • ENERGY STAR-labeled metal helps lower heating and cooling costs.
  • By lowering cooling loads, metal roofs with heat-deflecting finishes reduce energy consumption.
  • Cool metal roofing can achieve reflectance values of more than 70% and emittance values as high as 90%.
  • An Oak Ridge National Lab study shows painted metal roofs maintain 95% of their reflectance value over time. This is important because many codes assume reflective performance of all roof materials degrades at the same rate.


Metal construction products contribute considerably to the sustainable design movement. Their high recycled content, recyclability, fully developed distribution networks, and energy efficiency allow them to qualify for points in the LEED program. As increasing numbers of architects design LEED-qualified buildings they are looking for construction products and systems that can help them gain higher levels of certification. Metal construction products meet these standards.

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