MCM Fabricator Certification Program

MCA Offers Premium MCM Fabricator Certification Program

May x, 2018 – Chicago, IL – Certification is now available for Metal Composite Material (MCM) fabricators through MCA's Premium MCM Fabricator Certification Program.

The program was created to identify fabricators who meet or exceed industry standards and to promote the use of MCMs in high-end, high-rise architectural projects. It is designed for architects, general contractors, and owners who design, build, and finance monumental buildings.

"This program is primarily for architects," says Karl Hielscher, MCA’s Executive Director. "But it's also important that general contractors and building owners see the benefits of certification in support of an architect’s decision to specify a certified MCM fabricator."

MCM is defined as two sheets of metal sandwiching a solid core of extruded thermoplastic or a liquid plastic core injected in a continuous process with no glues or liquid adhesives between dissimilar materials. MCM systems include joints, attachment system components and other materials used to provide a weather-resistant exterior cladding system.


The certification program will give architects the peace of mind of working with an MCM fabricator who has the experience, quality, services, and financial stability to support a monumental project. For each of these criteria, rigorous documentation is required throughout the certification process.


The application for certification can be downloaded at


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The Metal Construction Association brings together a diverse industry for the purpose of expanding the use of metal in construction through marketing, research, technology and education. Companies involved in MCA gain tremendous benefit from association activities that focus on research, codes and standards, market development, and technical programs. MCA’s market development efforts increase the use of metal materials in construction through the education of the building and design communities about the benefits of metal.  For more information visit:

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