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Want to put more metal in building projects? MCA does too.


We’ve been helping member companies do that since 1984 by providing a forum where the entire metal construction industry can meet, network, and jointly work toward the expansion of this vibrant market.


By joining MCA, you'll be among industry leaders who have helped expand opportunities for metal construction products. MCA members have achieved great things together by sharing ideas, reaching out to other industry groups and participating in activities and decision-making at MCA member meetings. For companies involved in developing, producing, distributing, marketing or supply materials for metal construction products, MCA offers unlimited opportunity to contribute to the expansion of this industry – and your own company.


And MCA is pleased to offer 50% the first year's dues for new members. MCA also revised its dues schedule in 2015, resulting in drastically lower dues for many member companies.




MCA members represent a broad scope of companies and individuals, including:

  • Building product manufacturers of: metal panels for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential roof and wall applications; special purpose buildings; metal framing; coils and sheets; insulation products; foam, vapor retarders, tapes; fasteners; sealants; snow retention devices; ventilating systems; exterior doors; specialty metal products; components; and tools.
  • Producers of equipment for coil handling, fabricating, formatting, roll forming and rotary cutting.
  • Companies involved in coating and pre-treating metal coils and sheets, and related coatings and chemicals.
  • Distributors and manufacturer’s representatives, fabricators, contractors, jobsite producers of metal panels, architects, architectural firms, consultants, educational groups, non-manufacturing installers, trade associations, and publications.


Want to know more? Non-members are welcome to attend an MCA meeting or METALCON, MCA's annual conference and exposition, to determine if the organization and the work of its councils and committees are a good fit for their company’s needs. See our list of upcoming events.


Perhaps you’d rather talk with an individual to learn more about the benefits of MCA membership. You can find a member near you or in your industry segment


Or you can contact MCA’s member services at 847-375-4718 or


MCA Meetings

MCA meetings are active, engaging and the heart of decision making for the association. Full membership meetings take place twice a year. A Winter Meeting is held in January and the Summer Meeting occurs in June or July. Council and committee sessions form the core of both of these yearly gatherings, balanced by social and networking opportunities. Many of MCA’s successful programs -- all focused on getting more metal into building projects --were developed from an idea or a discussion that began at a national meeting.


Non-member companies or individuals can attend one of these meetings at a special rate to find out if MCA is a good fit for them.


METALCON, MCA’s annual education conference and exposition, is another spot where MCA members gather -- in a much different format. More than 300 companies exhibit at METALCON and nearly 8,000 architects, contractors, engineers, building owners and municipal decision makers come from nearly 50 countries to find the latest products, systems and ideas for using metal in the building envelope.


Learn more about upcoming MCA meetings, METALCON and other MCA-related events>

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