The Advantages of an IMP Roof

A closer look at the thermal performance and sustainability qualities offered by insulated metal panels.

There is a common misconception in the design and construction industry that insulated metal panels, often referred to as IMPs, are only suited to provide a solution for an exterior wall in the building envelope. 

 This unfortunate misunderstanding unnecessarily limits designers to roof systems such as traditional built-up and single-membrane roofs with limited service life spans, or traditional metal roofs with independent thermal and moisture barriers that must be detailed and installed as separate materials and might suffer from installation mistakes that compromise the thermal performance or moisture management. The truth is that IMPs can provide a highperformance roofing solution that offers exceptional thermal performance, unparalleled ease-of-installation, and gives the designer freedom to create building profiles rich in character.

 IMPs also meet or exceed multiple sustainable design criteria that contribute toward a project earning green building certifications or simply support the design and construction of healthier and more environmentally conscious buildings. This course will explore the use of insulated metal panels as a roofing solution. Features of the panels, including their material construction, will be discussed as will the wide range of benefits that these products can offer a project. Multiple case studies will be profiled throughout showcasing how architects around the United States have successfully applied this IMP roofing system.


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