New or Retrofit

Of course new construction can be built with metal. But did you know retrofits can benefit from metal construction as well?


Retrofitting with metal roof and wall systems brings new life to old buildings and uses energy-efficient applications and sustainable products.


Retrofit Metal Roofing


There are many advantages of installing metal roofs over old roofing material rather having to remove the old roof. First, it avoids having to deposit the old roofing material in a landfill—no small matter considering that about 10 million tons of old composition roofing shingles are placed in U.S. landfills each year. Other benefits include its ability to improve problematic roofs, fix maintenance issues, and update appearance quickly and cost-effectively. In recent years, thermal efficiency and energy savings have become hallmarks of retrofit roof application.


Retrofit Metal Walls


Likewise, retrofit metal walls offer many benefits such as durability and aesthetics, and its light weight means little or no alteration to existing structural elements. They use high-performance coating systems with long-lasting fade-gloss retention, and come in a wide range of substrates, colors, and textures. Choose from among preformed metal, insulated metal panels, composite materials, or solar thermal walls to allow for maximum solar heat recovery.


With Retrofits, Metal Can:


  • offer versatility in the building envelope design options
  • integrate easily with renewable energy systems
  • reduce environmental impact and maintains a long life span
  • reduce landfill waste—metal retrofit systems can be installed over old flat roofs and often don't require removing existing roof or wall material.

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