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MCA’s Virtual Winter Meeting:
3 Days of Can’t-Miss Content and Events
February 2-4, 2021

MCA’s Virtual Winter Meeting offers new ways to learn, connect, and influence the future of the metal construction industry. Register today to stay up to date on the latest events and trends that will help you profit from new opportunities and navigate upcoming challenges.

Our events ensure time to renew friendships and connect with key people who are as invested in the industry as you are. Discussions in council and committee meetings ensure you can play an active role in the decision making and advocacy efforts that will benefit your company and metal specialty. 
This year’s meeting will be held over 4 days to accommodate even more discussions on developments vital to our industry—with time between events for you to take a break or check in on work. View the schedule below to see the breadth of vital topics that will be covered by MCA members and specialists from our industry partners. 

Don’t miss out on this important opportunity to participate in MCA’s Winter Meeting from your own office. You won’t pay travel or lodging costs, but you’ll gain so much from expert presenters and significant industry relationships have to offer. Register today to join us at the MCA Virtual Winter Meeting.

Special Events

General Session

Join us for a panel discussion on the state of the economy and industry moderated by MCA’s executive director. Representatives from AISI, the Copper Development Association, International Zinc Association and other leaders representing key industry sectors will discuss their expectations for 2021, the impact of the pandemic on the industry, upcoming regulatory changes, tariffs, and more. Attendees will leave armed with the information they need to successfully navigate 2021. MCA also will conduct its business meeting and receive updates related to MCA’s market development initiatives, METALCON and MRA.


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Fundamentals of Rainscreen Design

Rainscreen wall systems are a hot topic, not just for MCM and IMP but for high-end single-skin architectural wall systems. Learn more about the use, history, and future of rainscreens from Rainscreen Association in North America (RAiNA) representatives and MCA staff. Bring your rainscreen-related questions for this session’s Q&A.

Awards Presentation

View the projects—and MCA members—recognized with an MCA Chairman’s Award for innovative and dynamic uses of metal building components. Help honor recipients of MCA’s Bush and Swaney awards for their contributions to the association and industry.



NFPA 285 Engineering Judgments

Get details on proposed modifications to the NFPA 285 standards that would help to identify what changes could be made to a wall system tested to NFPA 285 and still be recognized by the code. NFPA 285 is a flame-propagation test for exterior wall assemblies that is widely used for MCMs, IMPs, and any use of foam insulation in a wall assembly. The test offers many challenges, including the sheer number of scenarios due to extensive product offerings and inherent system variability. Modifications to the existing standard are being proposed that would allow for engineering judgments to be applied under certain conditions to extend the applicability of a given test. Learn more and what it could mean for you, your business, and the industry.

All times are Central Standard Time

2021 Winter Meeting Schedule


 Monday, February 1


 MCA Board Meeting



 MRA General Session


 Tuesday, February 2


General Session



METALCON Liaison Cmte



Codes & Standards/Technical Report






 Accessories Council

 Wednesday, February 3





Wall Panel Council



Roofing Council  



Awards Presentation

 Thursday, February 4


Engineering Judgments






Retrofit Council Meeting



MCM & IMP Councils



Market Development Committee


MFEC / Roll Formers Council


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