2021 Virtual Summer Meeting, June 14-16

MCA’s Virtual Summer Meeting: Gain Exclusive Business Insights and Connections

June 14-16, 2021

MCA’s Virtual Summer Meeting will provide you an opportunity to gain insight in industry trends, and forecasts that will help you make educated decisions for metal in construction. Over 3 days, you’ll learn, connect, and advance your expertise about metal in construction. 

Attendees will learn from MCA council, committee, and alliance meetings, playing an active role in the decision making and advocacy that advances our specialty, ultimately benefiting you and your company. Participants will renew friendships and connect with industry stakeholders, creating a network that shares your passions for our specialty and can help you personally and professionally.  

We’ve slated a schedule with time to work, talk, and learn—with time between events for you to take a break or check in on work. View the schedule below and register for the topics applicable to your role, and other areas of interest. This event will provide you information to move you and your company forward.


Meeting Highlights

Hail and Wind Resistance FM Standards for Metal Roofs and Walls

Joanna Blaney, AVP, Technical Team Manager, FM Approvals

Learn the technical requirements of current FM Approvals standards for hail and wind resistance pertinent to metal roof and walls, both insulated and single skin.

Companies and professionals involved in metal construction benefit from understanding the requirements for this optional certification. Meeting the additional “above-code” requirements deemed critical by FM Approvals can minimize property loss risk, which can be key selling point when clients are building large warehouses and buildings that will contain costly equipment. Architects, too, may specify FM Approvals compliance for certain projects. This presentation also will help set the stage for MCA’s hail and wind research in 2022 and beyond.

Forecasting ASHRAE 90.1’s Effects: A Codes & Standards Committee Special Topic

Meghan McDermott, BECxP CxA+BE, President and CEO, High Performance Building Solutions, Inc.

Don’t be caught unprepared when upcoming ASHRAE 90.1 requirements for whole-building air barriers take effect. These new air infiltration standards could disrupt your business, whether you work with IMPs, single-skin products, fasteners and other accessories, or sealants. Virtually every MCA member should take note of these changes and how they will affect your work.

Then, MCA Technical Director Robert “Bob” Zabcik, chair of the MCA Codes & Standards Committee, will update members on recent code hearings and discuss MCA codes and standards initiatives.

General Session with Keynote Address

 Jim Bush, MCA President

Judy Geller, VP of Events, PSMJ Resources/METALCON

Keynote speaker: Keith Prather, MBA, managing director and cofounder of Armada Corporate Intelligence

Paul Giovannoni, MBA, principal and managing director, building products, at FMI

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This can’t-miss session will provide you with relevant information to guide decisions for you and your company. Get caught up on MCA’s activities with Jim Bush and METALCON plans with Judy Geller. Keynote speaker Keith Prather will discuss the shapers that will feed the market over the next few years, including commodity issues, the global supply chain, reshoring and nearshoring trends and risk, occupancy rates, and more. This look at the macroeconomy will expose what’s around the corner to help you understand what’s coming in future business. Then, Paul Giovannoni of FMI will present key findings from the annual industry report commissioned by MCA. He’ll give attendees the first look at MCA-exclusive industry data that will fuel data-driven decisions regarding growth, products, labor, and more. With these insights, you’ll be ready to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. 

Council Meetings

Market Development

LeeAnn Slattery, Market Development Chair

Learn about MCA’s Metal University and the new Metal in Architecture Academy that will be launching in August. Receive updates on the market development committee’s activities and hear about recent additions and changes to the MCA website.


Accessories Council

Cindy DeBellis, Accessories Council Chair

Get an inside look at the metal roofing and solar PV Systems project – that addresses why metal roofing is the best choice for solar platforms and learn about the technical aspect of metal roofing and solar platforms. As well as updates on the Insulation Module Video created in conjunction with MBCEA.



Judy Geller, VP of Events, PSMJ Resources/METALCON

Hear all the exciting things happening at METALCON, October 6-8, 2021 and opportunities to gain exposure to architects and industry professionals throughout the supply chain.


Roofing Council

JB Wissman, Roofing Council Chair

Learn about MCA’s roofing certification program and how you and your company will benefit from getting certified.


Single Skin Metal Wall Panel Council

Mike Beck, Single Skin Metal Wall Panel Council Chair

Participate and engage in a discussion about white paper topics, marketing initiatives, and learn about the new best practice manual. Plus get an introduction to the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) Cool Walls Program from Sarah Schneider the Deputy Director of the CRRC and Jeff Steuben the Executive Director of the CRRC. 


IMP/MCM Council

Brian Jaks, IMP Chair

Zeke Miller, MCM Chair

Join us for an informative session about current code and technical updates related to insulated metal panels and metal composite materials. Get ahead of the curve and hear about future educational opportunities related to these products.


Retrofit Council

D.J Highnote, Retrofit Chair

The retrofit committee has successfully completed and approved the Residential Metal Retrofit white paper. In this session council members will discuss future projects of interest. Topics could range from metal wall retrofits, interior designs for metal, hardening of metal roofs and walls in high wind zone areas. Attend the session and voice your input.


Times are Central Daylight Time (CDT)

Monday, June 14       

1:00-2:00         Market Development Meeting
2:30-3:00         Accessories Council
3:30-4:30         MRA General Session           

Tuesday, June 15      

8:00-10:30       General Session - sponsored by
11:00-12:30     Hail and Wind Resistance FM Standards for Metal Roofs and Walls
1:30-2:15         METALCON Liaison Committee
2:30-3:15         Single Skin Wall Panel Council
3:30-4:15         Roofing Council

Wednesday, June 16 

10:00-12:15    Forecasting ASHRAE 90.1's Effects: A Codes & Standards Committee                                   Special Topic
12:30-1:30      Retrofit Council
2:00-2:45        Metal-Forming Equipment/Rollformer Council
3:00-4:00        MCM & IMP Councils 






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