Coffee Inspired Colors Showcased On Award Winning Dunkin' Facade

As Dunkin’ continues to grow their brand, consumers will see a variety of interesting and unique store designs, all sporting the signature Dunkin’ logo.  As of earlier this year, Dunkin’ was planning on expanding the number of their US locations by approximately 1,000 new restaurants by 2020.

A new Dunkin’ location in Phoenix was designed by a.d. ArizaDo, an architectural design firm located in Tempe, AZ, dedicated to creating functional, sustainable buildings, interiors and environments that have the ability to stand the test of time, while enhancing the experience of those exposed to their uses.

“My firm is focused mostly on national retail type clients and we design a variety of both retail stores and restaurants.  For this particular Arizona project, we worked with a New Jersey based Dunkin’ franchisee.  Our design and incorporation of metal as an exterior focal point was based off strong Dunkin’ brand identity colors which stimulate the desire to drink coffee,” stated Chris Cooper, AIA, founder and principal of a.d. ArizaDo.

Cooper goes on to say, “I was looking to achieve this goal by designing the exterior with this subtle idea and incorporate strong durable materials.  Metal was a logical choice.

I researched many products, but the look I was after could really only be achieved by using the ATAS CastleTop shingle.  With quite a few competing coffee houses in the immediate area, I wanted to offer potential customers an experience from the street that made them want to come in and become a Dunkin’ customer.  My intent was to provide a gradation effect of the typical black/brown/beige “coffee colors” to inspire and provide the experience and urge to grab a cup of Dunkin’ coffee.  The final design achieves this through large exterior wall areas constructed with the gradation of metal shingle type panels.  My client, as well as Dunkin’ corporate personnel, were very impressed by the look.”

This project won first place for ATAS’ 2018 project of the year awards, in the accents category.  The CastleTop panel is a diamond-shaped metal shingle that can be used as wall cladding, or as roofing, to achieve a unique appearance.  Different colors may be combined to create interesting patterns, as demonstrated on the façade of this Dunkin’ restaurant. The shingles can be manufactured in aluminum, with an embossed texture, or in copper or zinc, with a smooth texture.

For the Dunkin’ project, the CastleTop shingles were manufactured in .032 aluminum and four colors were used on the walls: Chocolate Brown, Black, Sierra Tan, and Almond, all with a 70% PVDF finish.  They were installed by Verde Building Corporation of Queen Creek, AZ.  The panels were purchased through ATAS’ distributor, ABC Supply Co. Inc. of Mesa, AZ.

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