Insulated metal panels provide the "gold" standard for Golden State Foods, a food processing facility in Texas.

Expanding operations into the southwest, west-coast based Golden States Foods Corporation broke ground on a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facility in 2018. The construction, design and build-out for the new operations in Burleson, Texas opened early 2019 as a $70 million project in the Highpoint Business Park. Golden State provides quality-rich liquid condiment packets for more than 125,000 restaurants and stores across 5 continents and desired a quality-rich liquid gold building envelope solution.


  • Golden State Foods’ latest 200,000 square-foot Lonestar location is the third facility in the US producing an innovative array of condiments, dressing, sauces, syrups and toppings in a processing facility with rigorous standards
  • Exterior and interior insulated metal panels from Kingspan are the dressing on the manufacturing facility in Burleson, Texas
  • A mixed-used combination of materials was selected, including KS Series Shadowline and Shadowline Interior panels in a dark bronze color, and a Granitstone embossed finish for advanced thermal and moisture protection topped with high-end aesthetics


Irvine, California-based Golden State Foods had plans to open a new manufacturing and distribution facility in North Texas that would help bolster GSF distribution capabilities to more than 125,000 restaurants and stores throughout the globe and could bring hundreds of jobs to the region’s business park. Time was of the essence, so architects BW Design Group chose insulated metal panels for fast install time.


 BW Design Group enlisted the services of Insulation Systems, Inc. of Collierville, TN to install the Kingspan KS Series insulated metal panels products for the massive production facility. Kingspan insulated metal panels are specially designed to meet today’s high-performance standards in a wide variety of environments. KS Shadowline Interior is a premium engineered wall and ceiling system for interior applications. Panels are suitable for both wall and ceiling conditions in critical temperature and controlled environment areas as well as in hygiene-sensitive facilities. The superior engineered joint assures a tight, well-designed vapor barrier in enclosures of any size.


The Golden State Foods Corporation is a company with sustainable products excelling in food safety, quality, innovation and customer service – qualities that pair well with Kingspan Insulated Panels.

The panel selection by the BW Design Group exemplifies Golden State Food’s commitment to quality.  To achieve a high-end look that was indicative of the Golden State Foods brand, BW Design Group chose to use an alternating pattern of Imperial White KS Granitstone panels and darker KS Shadowline panels in dark bronze for a colorful accent.

The majority of the external walls use KS Granitstone for a refined look that mimics stucco masonry.  For visual accents, these panels were intermingled with KS Shadowline in a metallic Dark Bronze, which is part of the Sherwin-Williams® Fluropon® Classic - 70% PVDF Metallic Color series.  This color contrasts perfectly with the KS Granitstone’s light Imperial White color and adds a dynamic design feel to the project.

For the interior, KS Shadowline Interior panels in Imperial White were used for a classic, clean industrial look.


“Kingspan Insulated Panels are ideally suited for thermally controlled environments such as cold food processing and packing facilities where food safety is of most concern.”

-Mike Graw,

Insulation Systems, Inc.


Golden State Food Corporation was very pleased with their new facility’s look and feel, and later called again upon Insulation Systems, Inc. for a future addition to the building structure featuring the same Kingspan insulated metal panel products. The final result is a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with an aesthetically pleasing building envelope design along with the safety and building performance necessary. Kingspan panels struck gold with the energy efficiency and aesthetics necessary for this large-scale food processing plant build.



Burleson, TX



BW Design Group



Kingspan Insulated Panels



200,000 Sq. Ft.




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