Green Metal Roofing for a Chicago Homeowner’s Dream House


A Chicago-area homeowner installed an environmentally friendly metal roof on his newly constructed house, capping off the green building.


Finishing the project with an energy-efficient aluminum roof positioned it perfectly to earn a Gold Rating from the National Green Building Standard.


The completed home stands out in the neighborhood as a modern masterpiece. The homeowner’s family moved in after four years of construction and enjoy the home’s many benefits.


  • Longevity
  • Recycled material/recyclability
  • Beauty

For one Chicago-area homeowner, building his own house was an opportunity to achieve the green home of his dreams. He was well aware of his home’s carbon footprint and wanted to manage it by carefully selecting energy-efficient construction materials and processes. Reducing material usage, choosing environmentally friendly products, and those with low or zero VOCs were guiding principles for this project.

The ultimate goal was to have the home certified by the National Green Building Standard and earn at least a Gold rating. Being certified by the NGBS is a straightforward process but requires you to follow a stringent set of rules concerning the interior and exterior design of your home. For example, every element of roofing is considered, including ventilation, roof overhangs, energy efficiency, heating and cooling costs, flashing, water resistance, underlayment, insulation, the building’s thermal envelope, and roof water discharg

“Constructing a green home was a priority for us. We wanted to do our best to minimize our environmental impact in whatever way possible.”

With the choice of roofing playing such a large part in the overall rating, the homeowner knew he needed to select the perfect roofing material, finish, and design to meet the criteria. After careful research, he discovered Classic Metal Roofing’s Oxford Shingle.

Oxford is an aluminum modular shingle made from recycled aluminum. Each panel interlocks on all four sides to create a watertight surface when paired with the appropriate underlayment. Coated with an industry-leading PVDF finish, Oxford boasts up to a Class IV hail impact rating and a Class A fire rating.

But what set Oxford Shingle apart was the energy efficiency of the coating and the recycled aluminum construction. Beyond a typical metal roof, Oxford’s recycled content, longevity, and recyclability after its functional life swayed the homeowner.

Of course, solar panels were an essential consideration for an energy-efficient roofing solution. Oxford’s long life perfectly complements the lifespan of solar panels, and the easily mounted brackets mean no roof replacement is necessary when installing a new solar array

“Our experience with Classic was great. They recommended an expert installer, which made it very easy for us. Someone with experience installing metal made all the difference for our home.”

Besides function, the homeowner wanted a sleek, modern roof to match the rest of his home. Unlike his neighbors, this home’s design was influenced by efficiency, modernity, maintainability, and environmental considerations.

“We were aware early on that the house would look quite different and diversify the traditional look of the neighborhood.”

The project took nearly four years to complete. With the new metal roof capping it off, this homeowner was happy to earn his Gold rating and move in to enjoy the home with his family. Their finished project met their environmental and aesthetic goals and will continue to do so for decades.

When asked about choosing a metal roof, he said, “Go for it. While it is currently more expensive, it does last significantly longer, can lower energy costs, and has a significantly smaller environmental footprint.”



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