IMPs Give Classic Look to Modern Italian Bistro

Gusto 501 is Toronto's newest fine dining attraction

Savory cost savings and reduced construction time were a palatable choice for the Gusto 501 project in Toronto’s Corktown. Nestled in the east end with levels beyond levels of aesthetics, the Gusto 501 landmark wraps a flavor of both function and form with Kingspan Insulated Panels. 


  • Gusto 501 is a multi-level restaurant and bar dining experience with a theatre style atmosphere of terracotta walls encompassed by a large garage door stylized façade
  • Varying shapes and cascading designs in the atrium offer a warm inviting appeal with an Italian fare for guests in Toronto’s Corktown neighborhood
  • KarrierPanel universal barrier wall system and mineral fiber insulated Micro-Rib profile panels are used in combination, providing aesthetic and performance for an ultimate dining theatrical experience in a narrowed 6,700 square foot building space



Restaurant owners Gusto 54 Restaurant Group  called upon the creative minds and talents of the PARTISANS architectural firm in Toronto to find freedom to design. PARTISANS was challenged to turn a narrowing space located in the Corktown landmark of Toronto into a culinary destination with an atmosphere of dining and theatrical entertainment.


Designing and installing building materials in a tight urban space, the Gusto 501 project was destined to become the Corktown dining attraction and a unique cultural experience with deep Italian roots for the architect, installer and owner of record.



PARTISANS selected the Kingspan’s KarrierPanel universal wall system and a profile Micro-Rib panel of mineral fibre insulation to help achieve the theatrical building design challenge. The all-in-one solution of a single source panel system allowed for fast installation in a tight space.



The advantages of a universal barrier wall system provided the client not only reduced construction time and costs without the need of multiple trades, it also allowed the desired design flexibility and imaginative freedom for the architect to go above and beyond their innate creative genius and design talents. The building’s unique context features a terracotta garage-like structure and a large operable glass façade enclosed with weathered steel. This Italian hot spot also offers a warm palette of multiple building levels and a rooftop patio with natural light hallowed out from above. Extra-long staircases add to the distinct ambience and the building materials selected by PARTISANS permitted ease of installation and integration of both interior and exterior materials with designs of impressive angles and forms. With a dramatic vertical landscape utilizing Kingspan insulated metal panels, the building structure added value to the original sister restaurant menu of attraction and inventive dining experiences. The Kingspan family, or “la famiglia”, of product lines allows architects and building owners the inspiration and design freedom they desire.


Kingspan’s KarrierPanel selected is an all-in-one universal system and an alternative solution to traditional multi-component wall systems while utilizing Kingspan’s KarrierRail that allows flexibility to a range of exterior façade options with structural supports. KarrierPanels are available with QuadCore technology, standard PIR or the mineral fibre insulation as encompassed on the Gusto 501 project. Kingspan mineral fibre panels provide a fire resistance rating up to three hours and are available in a variety of profile options. 


The Gusto 501 restaurant was able to blend the innovation of its original sister restaurant, Gusto 101, into the ultimate theatrical dining experience with an ultimate wall barrier system from Kingspan. 




Toronto, DC



Gusto 501 is Toronto's newest fine dining attraction



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February 2020

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