Insulated Metal Panels Were Drafted to Create Bold Custom Colors For Miami's Newest Professional Sports Stadium

The new Inter Miami CF Stadium is home to Miami's professional soccer club, Inter Miami CF, which was recently established in 2020 by former soccer star David Beckham.  The new stadium and training facility feature 40,000 sq. ft. of Kingspan's BENCHMARK Designwall 4000 panels with QuadCore® technology.

  • Designwall insulated metal panels are painted with custom black and pink colors representing the Inter Miami CF team motif
  • With a tight dealine of under 10 months, Kingspan panels allowed quick installation
  • BENCHMARK Designwall panels give the stadium a polished, professional look that echoes the modern feel of the architecture

When professional soccer star David Beckham retired in 2013, it was already known that he would move on to building his very own Major League Soccer team somewhere in the USA.  This was a well-known part of his contract due to signing with the LA Galaxy team earlier in the decade.

In 2014, Beckham and a group of investors started plans for a brand-new stadium in Miami, but approving the endeavor proved challenging.  The project fell through multiple times before 2018, in which the group finally achieved permission for a massive sports complex site next to Miami’s international airport.

With Miami’s first professional MLS team set to debut in early 2020, it left too little time to build a stadium on the proposed site.  Instead, it was decided to re-purpose the older Lockhart Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale, a dilapidated stadium that was sitting unused after years of hosting another semi-professional soccer club.
In 2019, Inter Miami CF received a 50-year lease of the Lockhart location, as well as permission to build a new training facility with 6 fields and a updated stadium.  This allowed less than 10 months to build the new facilities before Inter Miami’s early 2020 debut.

Fast Install Time

Kingspan’s BENCHMARK Designwall 4000 architectural panels were chosen as the main exterior of the building, because of their fast install time as well as the ability to showcase custom, vibrant colors.

The Designwall 4000 panels were painted in custom pink and black, the official colors of Inter Miami CF.

The fast install time ensured that the stadium would be completed in under 10 months, a record-breaking construction time frame that was unheard of in the world of professional sports stadiums.

Thermal Performance as Well as Good Looks

Kingspan’s Designwall 4000 panels with QuadCore® technology provide thermal performance in addition to their striking colors.

With R-values to up 8 per inch, they are the preferred choice for large-scale buildings like stadiums, arenas, and amphitheaters.  

These architectural wall panels look great while ensuring a tight building envelope and energy efficiency at the same time.




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