Modern High School Design Makes The Grade with IMPs

Mandeville High School utilizes Designwall insulated metal panels to create a colorful, bold look while integrating seamlessly into translucent glazing.  BENCHMARK Designwall panels are the perfect choice to display custom colors and unique patterns while still remaining energy efficient and retaining a professional, institutional look.


  • To alleviate overcrowding, the St. Tammany Parish School Board embarked on a multi-year project, resulting in the addition of a third building at Mandeville High School.
  • The new, three-story addition accounts for a lack of space on campus, while using insulated metal panels to create a striking design based on one of the most famous mathematical formulas in history.
  • Despite pandemic-related delays for the overall project, insulated metal panels helped to finish the building envelope efficiently.


Challenge: Mandeville High School is the most populous school in St. Tammany Parish with an enrollment of 1,985 students. Population growth over the last several years resulted in overcrowding. A multi-year plan required the use of temporary classrooms to accommodate students, as construction progressed on a brand-new building. With little space on campus, as well as the urgent need to provide additional classrooms, architects were tight on space and on time.

Solution: Kingspan’s Designwall 2000 insulated metal panels were critical to help architects meet insulation, space and deadline requirements. While the project was projected to last 18 months, the COVID-19 pandemic caused an additional six months of delays. Designwall 2000 panels provided architects with a solution that encased the building in a thermally efficient, weatherproof skin with R-values of up to 7 per inch. The installation progressed quickly and efficiently – without taking up too much space on the construction site. Using just one installer, ER Barnes, the project avoided further delays. With the building envelope closed, contractors could start work on outfitting the interior sooner.

“Insulated metal panels gave us the opportunity to change color, change size within a system” -Paul Morvant, AIA, NCARB

Influence: Upon learning that many math and science classes would be taught in the new building, architects incorporated the Fibonacci Sequence into the design. The flexibility of Designwall 2000 panels in different standard Kingspan colors allowed architects to capture the formula in an eye-catching pattern. Designwall 2000 panels can be oriented horizontally or vertically with easy integration into window systems. Architects incorporated storefront windows within the design to provide natural light to the classrooms.

In the fall of 2021, students returned to campus for a new school year and a brand-new building meant to inspire and give them the space they need to learn.




Mandeville, LA, USA



St. Tammany Parish Public Schools



Thompson Construction



Kingspan Insulated Panels



11,891 sq. ft. of IMPs



June 2021

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