Quebec Hockey Arena

Canadians Love Their Hockey!

Hockey’s place in Canadian culture is closer to religion than a simple sporting pastime; it’s a part of the
national identity―a rite of passage between fathers and sons and more recently mothers and daughters.
In Québec, sports enthusiasts flock to the Martin St-Louis and Yvon Chartrand hockey arenas to practice and play whenever the opportunity arises. However, when owners planned for their arenas’ new standing seam metal roofs, they hadn’t considered the average 20 inches of snowfall during the winter months.
So, after the new roofs were installed, they brought in Sky Products, Ltd.,―a Canadian roof equipment solutions provider and S-5! distributor―to devise a solution to prevent snow from falling off the roofs at the main entrances.

What Worked?

The roofs of the Martin St-Louis and Yvon Chartrand hockey arenas each measured 60 feet by 213 feet. The original architectural and engineering design plan involved using a competitor’s product, which would have required creating more than 7,000 screw holes in the two brand new Vicwest Tradition 100
standing seam roofs.

Sky Products introduced the arena owners to S-5!’s non-penetrating solution and worked alongside the EXP engineer to ensure the older buildings load capacities were considered in the design of the snow guards.

Together, they devised a custom solution to distribute the snow loads across the roof. The installation team conducted a site visit to determine the best strategy, and Sky Products provided stamped engineered drawings in line with the area’s building codes, engineering requirements and the area’s average snow load
capacities of 60 pounds per square foot.

They determined the roofs would require custom-cut lengths of ColorGard® to include 410 cut at 56 inches long and another 14 cut at 72 inches long.


Case Study —
Martin St-Louis & Yvon Chartrand Hockey Arenas

Long-Term Outlook
The Martin St-Louis and Yvon
Chartrand hockey arenas have
maintained the integrity of their roofs
and roof warranties by eliminating the
need for 7,000 screw holes in their
brand new roofs since discovering
S-5! ColorGard.
The owners have reduced the risk of
sudden and unexpected release of
snow, potentially posing a serious
threat to property and patrons.
ColorGard will not damage the roof
or finish and will maintain the clean
colorful appearance of the roof with
perfect color and finish matching—
for the entire life of the roof.



Laval, Québec, Canada



Couverture Montréal Nord



Both roofs measured 60’ x 213’ • Roof pitch for both arenas 4/12

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