McElroy Metal’s Medallion selected for Texas condo reroofing project

There’s always going to be competition when you’re bidding on a visible re-roofing job. Sam Mott, owner of Wimberley Roofing in Wimberley, Texas, is not one to shy away from a little competition.

Mott and his sales rep, Philip Vaughan, were presented the opportunity to bid on a re-roofing job on a pair of six-unit condominiums in Canyons Lake, Texas. The original 30-year-old concrete clay tiles had endured a lot of harsh Texas weather and needed to be replaced. It was anyone’s guess as to how much work was going to have to be done to the deck, once the concrete tiles were removed.

“It was a fun project,” Mott insists. “We were humbled and happy to be offered the opportunity to complete this project. There were eight bids and we were not the cheapest. Fortunately, our reputation and experience with these kinds of projects was enough to convince the owners that we were the best-suited to do the job right.”

Mott’s bid included 24,000 square feet of McElroy Metal’s 24-gauge Medallion-Lok standing seam panels. Medallion-Lok features a narrow 1-3/4-inch-tall standing seam that creates crisp, clean visual lines. The roof color chosen was Sherwin-Williams Fluropon PVDF Terra Cotta, similar to the color of the concrete tiles when they were originally installed.



Canyons Lake, TX, USA



Wimberley Roofing



McElroy Metal



Metal roofing: 24,000 square feet



June 2021

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