12 Ways to Recover an Existing Sloped Roof with Metal

MCA Presents

Presenter: Charlie Smith, National Recover Manager/238T Business Development, McElroy Metal
In this online session yow will learn how to use a structural standing seam system in recover applications on an existing building with a sloped roof.

Find out how to do a metal over metal recover and put metal over single ply or modified Bitumen roofs as well as metal over shingle applications.  Plus, discover the advantages and pitfalls in each application, when it is best to just do a tear off and the sustainable attributes of leaving the existing roof in place.

Attendees will learn:
    •    How to recognize when to remove and replace an existing metal roof and when to recover
    •    12 ways to recover an existing sloped roof and what method is best depending on the existing conditions and desired outcome
    •    How to recover existing buildings and the IBC for existing buildings
    •    The best available systems for doing recover work

Who should attend: Building owners, contractors, roof consultants and architects/designers interested in recover. 


About the Presenter:

Throughout Charlie Smith’s career in the metal roofing industry he has been on a passionate mission to expand the use of metal roofing in non-conventional methods. Charlie has the unique ability to problem solve, turning napkin sketches into viable metal roofing solutions. 

Charlie’s efforts have made him one of the industry’s foremost authorities on recover systems utilizing metal roofing. Charlie holds several patents in the recover field including both metal-over-metal and metal-over-shingle solutions. As an industry leader, Charlie recently co-wrote the new RCI Metal Roofing course and is a frequent presenter at RCI symposiums and other roofing industry events. 

Charlie founded Architectural Building Components in 1989, when he purchased the equipment of a small Houston, Texas-based metal roofing manufacturing business. Over the next 23 years, the company grew into an industry-leading metal roofing and wall system solution provider specializing in the use of metal roofing to recover existing low-slope roofs. In 2012, Architectural Building Components became a part of McElroy Metal which enabled Charlie to focus on educational and product development efforts to help the roofing industry push the envelope in developing creative solutions with metal.



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