Important Things to Remember about “Wet” Sealed MCM Systems

While many of today’s MCM cladding systems are installed as rain screen systems, there still is a significant amount of MCM cladding installed using “wet” sealed systems. While these systems may be more popular on low rise construction, there are still certain installation and maintenance considerations that must be made to ensure proper performance of the MCM system. 

Sealant manufacturers have run adhesion tests on several different finishes and should be able to provide installation instructions defining a) the cleaning required for the finish and b) whether any additional primers or preparation is required to ensure adequate adhesion. 

MCM cladding typically uses a PVDF or FEVE paint systems; however, alternate finishes such as anodized or polyester are still quite common. Each of these finishes must be reviewed and determined to be compliant for adequate adhesion to the chosen joint sealant.


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