The ABCs of LCAs and EPDs

Recognizing the importance of comprehensive life-cycle analysis studies for roofing and cladding systems, the metal industry has invested substantial resources and effort to provide building teams with key product information to help design and build truly sustainable buildings.

Learning Objectives:
After reading this article, you should be able to:
1. Explore the sustainability and durability benefits of metal roofing and wall systems.
2. List the information provided in product category rules (PCRs), life-cycle assessments (LCAs), and environmental product declarations (EPDs), and describe how the sustainable building market is driving the need to continue developing them.
3. Review extensive metal roof and cladding industry efforts to perform these LCA studies and make this information freely available to the industry.
4. Discuss how metal roofing and cladding systems compare to other systems in terms of LCA.
5. Identify shortcomings with current LCAs and subsequent EPDs and how they are being addressed.




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