White Paper

IMP Visual Inspection Guide


Though building and fire codes primarily address structural and fire performance of Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) cladding materials, other performance indicators are often used in the construction industry to define an “acceptable” application. The primary indicator discussed herein is the visual appearance of the cladding system. Visual appearance is generally based on architectural requirements and there are no specific criteria within the code that quantify an “acceptable” installation.

Many exterior cladding performance requirements relating to public safety and basic building performance are defined within the International Building and Fire Codes. Fire performance, structural integrity, and allowable deflection limits are specifically defined however, other criteria such as flatness and localized issues, such as denting, “oil-canning” and colorfastness, 

are not specifically addressed within the codes. The performance requirements for these items may only be defined in the architectural specification and oftentimes, they are not provided at all. Seldom are they an issue unless there is a visual problem with the finished building. The intent of this document is to highlight common industry acceptance standards for perceived aesthetic concerns in IMP installations.


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