Insulated metal panels offer environmental benefits, ease of installation, and potential for high design

Architectural Excellence with Insulated Metal Panels

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the benefits of insulated metal panels for meeting environmental goals, ease of installation, cost effectiveness, and design potential.
  2. Describe notable sports and event facilities designed with insulated metal panels (IMPs) for durability and low maintenance.
  3. Discuss how IMPs played a major role in designing commercial and medical buildings with superior interior environmental quality.
  4. Identify high-performing educational, municipal, transportation, and aviation projects designed with IMPS.
  5. Describe noteworthy, durable, and energy-saving roofs designed with insulated metal panels.

 When you envision distinctive, notable, and award-winning buildings, do insulated metal panels come to mind? They should. Some of the most interesting and iconic architecture built today—from the Chase Center in San Francisco, to Hilton’s 123 Carnack Hotel in Chicago, to Austin Community College—stand out precisely because of the artful deployment of insulated metal panels.

 After the qualities of insulated metal panels (IMPs) are understood, from their environmental benefits to their ease of installation and the potential for high design, it makes sense that competition judges who are themselves accomplished architects have taken notice.


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